I am an independent research integrity specialist and founder of Jigisha Patel Research Integrity Limited. 
My company’s mission is to provide practical support for academic journal editors, publishers and researchers so that they can maintain research integrity and prevent research misconduct with ease and efficiency. 
Its vision is to make research integrity best practices so well-known and easy to implement that they become ingrained in the research culture and second nature to all involved in the research and publication process.

I trained as a medical doctor at the Royal London Hospital, Queen Mary College, University of London, UK. After working in clinical practice for some years I went on to earn a Ph.D. in Clinical Physiology. I made the decision to move into publishing over 15 years ago. As Medical Editor at BioMed Central, I was responsible for the content of the medical BMC series journals. I worked with publishers, authors, reviewers, editors, institutions, and government organizations to resolve many different types of research integrity issue. I also worked on creating training and resources to support editors, researchers, and peer reviewers. As Associate Editorial Director, I lead the first team dedicated to maintaining research integrity at BioMed Central and was responsible for managing one of the earliest cases of manipulation of the publication process. I also helped to establish the research integrity team at Springer Nature.

I have in-depth experience of managing cases of publication process and peer review manipulation and a special interest in medical research ethics.

As a current elected member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Council, I aim to help the organizations I work with follow COPE’s core practices.

I am an Affiliate Senior Associate at Maverick Publishing Specialists.