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Training and Courses

The Research Integrity Strategy Foundations Course

This course is designed for academic journal editors and publishers who want to be able to manage allegations of research misconduct quickly and efficiently. 

It introduces basic principles and provides the tools to manage any allegation of research misconduct.

It introduces a framework for editors and publishers to collaborate on the prevention and management of research misconduct.

The course has been certified by the CPD Certification Service and a CPD certificate is available on completion of the course.

Feedback on the course

I also provide bespoke resources, guidelines and training for academic editors and publishers.


I work with journals and publishers to:

Manage and resolve research integrity issues including manipulation of the publication process

  • This might include managing routine research integrity issues, manuscript screening and investigating and managing complex publication manipulation of the publication process cases

Recognise where they might be vulnerable to research or publication misconduct

  • This might include conducting detailed research integrity needs analyses of editorial policies, processes and workflows

Develop strategies to meet research integrity needs

  • This might include recommendations for developing new policies, establishing training programmes, conducting journal audits, establishing screening processes, establishing teams and processes to handle cases of misconduct

Implement strategies to manage and prevent research integrity issues

  • This might include formulating editorial policies, writing content for and delivering training for staff and editors, providing subject matter advice on the development of screening tools and similar projects and establishing workflows for research integrity teams

Ensure that research and publishing innovations are compliant with best practice standards

  • This might include advising on the best approach to prevent misconduct or manipulation in relation to a publishing innovation


*Names are not provided because of the sensitive and confidential nature of the work.