About me

I made the decision to change careers from clinical medicine to publishing over 14 years ago. As a novice medical journal editor, I found that increasingly complex research and publication ethics issues were landing in my inbox. There were often feuding authors, accusations of plagiarism, data theft, lawyer’s letters and even editor misconduct to deal with.

As I gained experience of managing these issues, I was drawn to the emerging field of research integrity. Over the years, I have enjoyed the satisfaction of working with publishers, authors, reviewers, editors, institutions and government organizations to resolve many different types of research integrity issue. I have in-depth experience of managing cases of publication process and peer review manipulation, and a special interest in medical research ethics. In addition to resolving issues, I have worked on creating training and resources to support editors, researchers and peer reviewers. I was head of the research integrity team at BioMed Central and helped to establish the research integrity team at Springer Nature.

I now work with organizations, committed to research integrity, to reduce research misconduct and the manage complex research integrity issues.

As a current elected member of COPE Council, I aim to help the organizations I work with follow COPE’s core practices.


“It is refreshing to be able to work with someone so committed to helping people in a consultative and supportive way. “  LH

“You have always provided solid, sound advice and been a voice of reason.” FP

“Jigisha has made a huge contribution to how research integrity and publishing ethics are approached in STM publishing. That has been particularly significant for the reputation of OA.” RK

“Your instruction still shapes the way I handle ethics cases and how I train my team. Thank you!” TM-C

“Jigisha is very experienced in supporting editors and publishers with respect to editorial policy, handling issues in publishing ethics, strategy and training. She makes things happen.” EM

Recent activity

During the last 12 months I have worked with two major publishers to resolve research integrity issues, including a case of manipulation of the publication process. I have also worked with ASAPbio to develop guidance on the responsible reporting in the media of research posted as preprints. You can read more about that project here.

Selected publications

New COPE guidelines on publication process manipulation: why they matter.

Do peer review models affect clinicians’ trust in journals? A survey of junior doctors

Why training and specialization is needed for peer review: a case study of peer review for randomised controlled trials.